Current Workshops and Classes

Yoga For Daily Living Workshops

We don’t have to be thin, female, strong, flexible, or a lover of tofu to benefit from Yoga!
Schedule a friends and family Yoga workshop.

Explore body-based meditation.

You can decrease distraction with the ancient, gentle practice of Yoga
at the sink,
in your car,
at your desk,
standing in line,
alone or with loved ones.

Current Ongoing Weekly Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday Morning 8AM & Every Thursday Evening 7PM

Come find out how Yoga is a mindfulness practice rather than exercise.
Rock stars, famous athletes, children, women and men all benefit from Yoga for daily living.
You can learn to practice awareness instead of judgment.
You can start right where you are. No experience, other than willingness, is needed.

Register for Yoga workshops and classes at my website:
or by sending an email to

Eating Awareness Training

Why don’t we just eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full?
Why do Americans spend more money on diets than the whole medical establishment spends on medical research?
What is the purpose of emotional eating?
What can we learn from the fields of mind/body medicine, mindfulness, neuroscience, and current research on the brain?
Come find out!